May 1 2013 KYEC Meeting



1st May
topic:Golden Week
12 members came
New comers: Zendder, Dave, Krishna

R: go to hometown and see his Mom and Dad.

C: have to work on GW, he had a wonderful memory before about naked chics and onsen.

A: don’t want to go out on GW. Goes out after GW.

Z: go to Hokkaido to go snowboarding for three days.

H: go to Hitachi Sea-side Park to see blue flowers what name is Nemophila.

S: to see Kendo tournament and go to Tokyo.

D: visit his friends Mom in Tokyo and go to drink.

K: has to work on GW.

K2: climb Mt.Nantai with KYEC members.

Y: to meet her friends and have lunch and go shoping.

R: to drink with his friends and watch movies.