Nantai Climbing

The KYEC group will be climbing Mt. Nantai in Ibaraki prefecture during Golden Week.


・Meet up Spot: KYEC
・Meeting time: 0830

【Difficulty for the Trek Compared to Other Japanese Mountains】

★☆☆ One out of three stars… Fairly easy with a bit of rock climbing (Chains are available on the route.)

Elevation:654m (about 2,100 feet)
Link and images of the Climb.

【Goals for the Nantai Climb】

・Integrity and Reward
・Making Friends
・To laugh and feel good.

What to Bring

1. Bottle Water (2 Liters at least)
2. Extra pair of clothes
3. Shoes that are well worn (Do not wear new shoes to avoid sore feet and blisters)
4. Some snacks
5. Emergency rain gear
6. Camera
7. Cell phone
8. Gloves
9. Cash to pay volunteer driver’s gas (shared fees)
10. Backpack
11. Some form of ID just in case something happens

If the weather is really really bad (strong winds with lighting), we will cancel the climb and just go bowling.

All Drivers, please fill your tank before meeting up with the group. Also, share any transportation expenses with your passengers. Maps will also be distributed to drivers before we depart..
Also, on behalf of KYEC, just want to say a special thank you to those willing to drive.


・Please pay transporation fees. The cost for each person depends on how many people participate but the costs should be at least 500 yen per passenger and no more than 1000 yen for gas.

Finally, you are responsible for your own safety and gear. Leaders and affiliates of the event will not take any responsibility (financial or legal) if you get hurt or perish during this event.
Your participation acknowledges that you agree to these terms.

・ Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Here are some pics from the Tsukuba climb in 2012.